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Social Media illustration.
Social Media illustration.

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Social media marketing can be a very valuable part of any digital marketing plan because you have the ability to create rapport and engage with your prospective customers in a unique way. You can feel confident that your future customers spend time on social media, and Prime One Creative can help you create and implement a social media strategy that will get results.

What Is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is a process where you promote your business on different social media platforms by engaging and interacting with your prospective customers. This may include interesting or educational posts, photos, videos, live chats, contests, promotions, and other ways to add value to people’s lives, build trust and create strong relationships.

Why Is Social Media Marketing Important for Small Businesses?

Social media marketing is important because it is yet another way to attract and engage members of your local community so you will be top of mind when they need the services you have to offer. There are scores of social platforms that you can use for social media campaigns, but the most common include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest. We will help you create profiles and campaigns on platforms that your target audience frequents and that meet your marketing goals.


Social Media Logos - Facebook, Instagram and Twitter


There is over 800 million active Instagram's user around the world. Over 500 million use the platform daily. Instagram is the right Platform to exposure yourself and your products and services. It is also an excellent way to make an online presence to reach the trust of your clients.


A Facebook page is the best way to gather your customers and build a following for your business. It is also an excellent platform for the client's provide reviews and feedback.


Twitter gives businesses a cost-effective method of engaging with their clients. It is the right way to interact with customers instead of continuously promoting products and services. Twitter is a brand builder and a great asset for businesses that use it correctly.

Social Media Logos - Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Benefits of Social Media Marketing Campaigns

A good social media marketing campaign can really boost engagement and take your business to new heights. Here are some of the benefits you can expect from social media marketing:

Better Brand Awareness – People in your area will become acquainted with your business through your social media, which, in turn, will increase awareness of your brand in the marketplace.

Increased Conversion Rates – More awareness, more traffic and more engagement will inevitably increase your sales and conversions. Social media marketing is an important cog in the digital marketing wheel that will boost your sales.

More Brand Loyalty – When you engage with people on platforms they enjoy spending time on and you are consistent, you build trust. When you interact as a brand or business, you will build trust and loyalty around your brand, which will only help your business.

Greater Authority in the Marketplace – People love doing business with companies that are authorities in their field. Quality social media marketing will help establish your business as an authority in the local market.

More Customer Satisfaction – Satisfied customers are what it’s all about, and while your services will go a long way toward creating happy customers, there is much more to it than just the physical work. Social media marketing takes your customer service to a high level for all-around satisfaction.

 More Inbound Web Traffic – Every new social media platform that is added to your campaign is another gateway to your optimized SEO website, which will ultimately increase your traffic.


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