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Retargeting Ads for Small Businesses

When you have a business, it’s important to take advantage of every marketing tactic and strategy at your disposal in order to get more leads and continue to grow. Retargeting is a powerful tool that every successful company has at its disposal to capture a bigger share of the local marketplace. At Prime One Creative, we will create a retargeting campaign that will help boost your sales and set you apart from the competition.

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What is Retargeting?

Retargeting is a type of online advertising that enables you to continue marketing to people after they have left your website without making a purchase, scheduling an appointment or getting in touch with you. Most of the time, a web visitor won’t convert right away, and retargeting allows you to reach them after the fact and potentially influence their buying decision. Once the appropriate code is placed on your website, visitors will see your ads on other pages as they browse the web after visiting your site and not taking action. Cookie-based technology is used to “follow” previous website visitors and stay in front of them to increase the likelihood of them taking action.

Importance of Retargeting

Retargeting is important for a few different reasons. If someone looking for service visits your website and then leaves without contacting you or filling out a form, that doesn’t mean they no longer need your services. They ended up on your site for a very specific reason and if they don’t get their needs met from you then there’s a good chance one of your local competitors will get the business. A well-run campaign will encourage potential customers to get back to your website and finish what they started.

"We highly recommend Prime One Creative. They helped us with our website content and SEO. Thank you Viviana for making the process so easy. Extremely professional and reliable. All that was promised during our initial conversations, was delivered. Learned so much with them about how to better rank our company on the internet. Thank you so much!"
Helen Oliveira

Benefits of a Professional Campaign

When we implement a retargeting campaign for your business, you’ll see a range of different benefits.

Some of the most common ones we see include:

Better ROI – Consumers are 70% more likely to convert with Retargeting, and since people that see your retargeting ads have already shown an interest in your company, the likelihood of a conversion is higher, which will help boost your ROI.

Raises Brand Awareness – Retargeting ads keep your business top of mind and will help to increase brand awareness amongst people that have already visited your website. Even if they don’t make a purchase right away, your name will be on their mind.

Analytics Insights – You can create laser-focused campaigns in the future with retargeting analytics because you’ll be able to determine where their interest is being recaptured after they leave your website.

Keeping Up with Your Competition – As a local business, you need to keep up with your competition and find advantages they don’t have if you expect to get a bigger piece of the market. Retargeting is a powerful tool for your business to stay competitive.



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